Health Shop

A pharmacy with an emphasis on the holistic.

You’ll find that all our pharmacists have an interest in alternative health. We make homeopathic remedies to order, as well as herbal tinctures. Our comprehensive range includes in-house formulas for both common and unusual conditions.

health productsOur large health shop offers you friendly, experienced assistance and stocks the following top brands, amongst others :


• Solgar

• Good Health

• Mineral Life

• Enzyme Process

• Aim

• Vindian

• Solal

• China Herb


• Real Thing

• Flora Force

• Natura

• Pegasus Homeopathic

• A Vogel

• Alisone Tissue Salts

• Himalaya Ayurvedic.

We also carry a selection of live probiotics, as well as Kimchi, Kombucha, Kefir and Yoghurt.



Other products on offer in our health shop are:
• A large selection of essential oils including Jean Southey, Sail and Escentia
• Superfoods, vegan protein powders, many herbal teas and health foods
• Natural cleaning products such as Probio, Orange Express and Enchantrix
• Natural soaps, deodorants, shampoos and toothpastes.